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Will a lawyer get my ticket dismissed?

on Thu 29 Jun 2017, 21:05

Will a lawyer get my ticket dismissed?


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15/02/16 13:08

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      Stop - 12         Lawsuit - 6

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      B s   -           B s   -       grn
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      G m  - - J        R w  - -      wht
      R e   X           P cn  -       gry
 K t  P wa - -          G y  - -      yel

      6 Match           Unstable

I asked if I hire a certain attorney with a good reputation, if he can get my ticket dismissed. I asked right after he informed me via email there were points (I didn't think there were). Right after I asked he called and said there were 2 tickets issued, I only got 1 (gray P means new document). He says he should be able to get them dropped, does the reading show anything other than the new ticket? I have some thoughts, but I don't want to influence interpretation; merely explain what I think the gray P is (Could also be a deal that avoids points, but I did nothing and want it dismissed.)


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alexbot #1 [-]

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18/02/16 09:56
bad omen, all very clear. You will lose a lawsuit and a lot of money, because a document (a photo or pc file maybe) will be against you. If you can you should avoid any lawsuit or quarrel.


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Ben #2 [-]

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26/02/16 15:18
I did this reading and right after I did it, he calls me to inform me there was an additional ticket I didn't know about. I think that's the new document. I have to fight it, since they'd put 6 points on my license for a minor infraction that most districts don't have points for. The 1st reading I did was as soon as I got home (a week before I was looking at lawyers) and  it was R --> K on the self line. Since mentality was that it was a frivilous ticket, I just want it to go away.

This reading (posted here) was after I found out about the points on license, but before I found out about the 2nd ticket. Turns out the 2nd ticket was for changing lanes into the bus lane, which is what the officer was forcing me to do; I know I'll beat that one. I think both will get dismissed.

We shall see whose interpretation was accurate, but worst case scenario is spending an extra $300 or so; points shouldnt be an issue.


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alexbot #3 [-]

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15/03/16 06:55
no, the new document is bad omen. Will not be dismissed.


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BenResult #4 [-]

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23/03/16 12:19
The points were dismissed and 1 ticket was dismissed. The net result of hiring the attorney was saving $45 and points. I did another reading after this one that K-->R and produced the self line and BP lines linked both ways. I knew it was my lawyer making a deal for this. Also, a sign that I was safe. I consider both results to be positive since I don't have the right to a jury or change of venue in traffic court and rules of evidence are softened.

The first reading was before any trial and I was seeing if it would get tossed. The second reading was pre-trial but after waiting and worrying. Remember, the reading interpretation depends on whether in trial, long worry or at the beginning.

 Also, new document meant being told of a 2nd ticket or maybe finding out I can't request a Jury.

PS, I tried I Ching for March Madness (college basketball). I predicted 7 in a row, including 2 upsets. But, too many games to keep up with and I was only using it for demonstration (youtube) since I don't know enough about handicapping basketball to risk money.
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