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Will I have a lean midsection by the end of the summer if I continue?

on Thu 29 Jun 2017, 21:28

Will I have a lean midsection by the end of the summer if I continue?


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17/06/16 15:32
I am asking if I will have a lean midsection if I continue using a fat burner.

Year: s, Month: w, Day: wa-VIII, Empty: sh & h

      Commander - 7   

      P yo - - U     gry
      B h  - -       yel
      R c  - -       red
      G w  - - J     grn
      R cn  -        blk
      K y  - -       wht



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Ben #1 [-]

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17/06/16 15:34
Does G star mean "gain a lean midsection" or "gain" to the midsection? During the question, I visualized a lean midsection.


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denvog #2 [-]

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21/06/16 03:09
Dear Ben hi
You asked yijing if you Will I have a lean midsection by the end of the summer if you continue? .
Giving you some help for the interpretation I say that you will not do much for this plan on the end of the summer .
Last month of summer is Wa ... so Wa is  bounding the third Self line G W star  !!!
I will like to let me know what has happened after that summer.
Best regards


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Ben #3 [-]

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23/06/16 07:17
Month wa is August, that is still Summer.


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denvog #4 [-]

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23/06/16 07:58
Dear Ben
....Wa  is around July !! ... see chapter of Alex Chou s about Chinese calendar. ... must be careful! !


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Ben #5 [-]

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25/06/16 15:23
You're right, I must not have pressed the button or something; now the hexagram generator shows wa as July. Sorry for my error. If Wa is bounding to the self line, that sounds good. Maybe that month will see benefit. The reason I ask is that it's not fun to be on such a strict program, nothing dangerous; just uncomfortable. It's worth it if I get into shape, but I may have a new job that makes it impractical.


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denvog #6 [-]

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25/06/16 23:16
Ok Ben may be you are right. ..
I concluded this way I thought that it is little for 1 and half month to gain lean  midsection! !
Would be better for the self G W line to be moved ...
Hope you have good health..from this effort.
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