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Will Alan Grayson win the Florida Democratic Senate Primary? Author Comment

on Thu 29 Jun 2017, 21:35

Will Alan Grayson win the Florida Democratic Senate Primary?


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27/07/16 20:19

Year: s, Month: wa, Day: h-VIII, Empty: y & m

      Look - 20         Advance - 35

      G m   -           R e   -       gry
 B s  R e   O           P wa - -      yel
      P wa  X  J        B yo  -       red
      G m  - -          G m  - -      grn
      R e  - -          R e  - -      blk
 K t  P wa - - U        P wa - -      wht


The primary is on 8/30, can Alan Grayson win the primary?


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denvog #1 [-]

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31/07/16 00:42
Dear Ben
...  try again The coin toss  !! ... perhaps to have a clearer and better deciphering. . 

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Ben #2 [-]

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01/08/16 19:08
I asked again if he will win the primary and got:

Year: s, Month: wa, Day: cn-III, Empty: t & c

      Revolution - 49   Wonderful - 11

      R wa - -          P yo - -      grn
      P yo  O           B h  - -      blk
      B h   O  J        R c  - -      wht
 G w  B h   -           R cn  -       gry
      R c   X           K y   -       yel
      K m   -  U        B t   -       red

                        6 Match


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denvog #3 [-]

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03/08/16 00:04
Dear Ben hi..
Alan Grayson is going to win in primary.
On the date of primary (30/Cool in Chinese calendar we have year s , month s , day s.

I deciphered that he will win. Still you must give your opinion of how you evaluate a question you make !!


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Ben #4 [-]

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03/08/16 17:25
I hope you're right, I made the same interpretation on both. I have a large position in Predictit ($120 that pays 20 for 1, betting he win's the primary.) Hope it goes well. Thanks.


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Ben #5 [-]

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30/08/16 18:13
Well this was a disappointment, he lost. I believe my mentality was accurate, perhaps there is some other fame and glory coming for Alan Grayson or maybe simply being discussed in the news was all the prediction meant. Not sure what happened, but it was a sad loss. I probably should have stopped buying shares, but I got some with a promo code for half off and then it was paying 99-1 and I got more. All in all, I would have made a bundle on a few hundred bucks if he had won.


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denvog #6 [-]

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31/08/16 02:53
Yes ..this was disappointment. . Still we learn from our faults these issues .. and so we will have a correct attitude.
Now if you see what happened you will understand that from the last arrangement of hexagram .. self Bh  is bounding with Ky second moving line .. and when this boundance is stricken by s element of yesterday then the second line can move and Rc bonding with (o ) first line Bt. ..
Another view is fourth self Bh moving line is destroyed back by its Rc. ..
Lastly I insist that you may had in your mind to gain money from Alan Graysons favour. . so other party on the first line is Km .. hope is still alive !!

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Ben #7 [-]

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31/08/16 05:45
The image I had in my mind when asking the question was Grayson winning, but my personal goal was to make money.


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denvog #8 [-]

Posts: 49
31/08/16 05:57
Every step is for a better understanding .. keep walking ..
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