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'Raceching Simplified'- Use The Power Of Ching to pick Winners of Horse Races

on Thu 29 Jun 2017, 21:38

'Raceching Simplified'- Use The Power Of Ching to pick Winners of Horse Races


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08/12/16 12:58
The book has taken thirty years to perfect. There are three main area's of the 'oracle' that i concentrate upon. 'Directions,' I use a Chinese Geometric compass - the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching spread around it. The directions work like other aspects of 'Feng Shui.'  In as much as some area's being favorable - others not. Therefore, some trainer yards good - others not so. Numbers, based on a concept of Tai Pan Shen Shu (Iron Plate Divine Number). I do not suggest it is the original concept of Tai Pan Shen Shu. But, it's a secret code and it belongs to me. Finally, a Chinese word game. Works like an anagram factor. We look for words in the first four letters of a horse's name - based around I Ching elements. For instance, metal cutting wood - fire generating earth, etc, etc. There are obvious rules.  Not as crazy as it might sound - the original oracle was engraved on the back of 'Cowrie shells.' The book is available at Amazon, Kindle or Paperback. Plus, there is a small video on UTube.' - 'Raceching Simplified.'

Anthony J Mead. (Raceching).
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