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My relation with KG

on Wed 28 Jun 2017, 21:16


My relation with KG


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10/03/14 06:58
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Wow another Bite 21, this seems crappy. I know this girl via work and she seems interested in me, I wanted to know if there's any possibility of us coming together as a couple.

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Xiao Hu  #1 [-]

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10/03/14 14:29
Just talk to her, ask her to go out and grab something to eat, it doesn't have to be an official date thingy. She will agree if she is interested.   


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stn0404 #2 [-]

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10/03/14 17:56
Darn...I got the date wrong

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Xiao Hu  #3 [-]

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10/03/14 20:56
I know.
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