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Insight into a relationship development Empty Insight into a relationship development

on Thu 29 Jun 2017, 21:12
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Insight into a relationship development Off_linelibelula

Insight into a relationship development

Insight into a relationship development Idu
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12/03/16 06:07
Some time ago I asked the I ching about a relationship and why we both couldn´t get rid of each other, because we broke up some time ago but it seems we keep bumping into each other all the time - it´s like making and breaking bonds - even when we are decided to leave this behind something happens that brings us very close again. But all this process have been quite hurtfull and it seems it´s not taking us anywhere. And I got this hexagram:


Year: s, Month: y, Day: e-VIII, Empty: s & yo

      The Well - 48     Difficulty - 39

      P t  - -          P t  - -      gry
      G sh  -  J        G sh  -       yel
 K w  R s  - -          R s  - -      red
      R yo  -           R s   -       grn
 B y  P h   O  U        K w  - -      blk
      G c  - -          G cn - -      wht

And now, after some new things happened I am faced with a situation where I should decide if I should help him out on something and end up keeping on this troubled situation or let it go and move on. I love him, and he loves me too but all this have been quite painful and sometimes it´s quite clear that we had to be faced with something to solve things in ourselves but sometimes it all seems pointless. So I asked If we are going to be together again to try to understand all this entanglement and I got this one:


Year: s, Month: m, Day: e-X, Empty: w & wa

      Touch - 53        Little Storage - 9

      R m   -  U        R m   -       wht
 G t  P e   -           P e   -       gry
      B wa - -          B wa - -      yel
      K s   -  J        B cn  -       red
      P w   X           R y   -       grn
      B cn  X           G t   -       blk


But I am new to this method and I am having some hard time on understanding it. I read other interpretations of these hexagrams but I am quite drawn to this method cause it seems much more precise. Can anyone help me out on this?

Thanks a lot!


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Insight into a relationship development Off_lineBen  #1 [-]
Insight into a relationship development Combatmartialarts
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06/05/16 21:44
The first sign has a retreating R and an advancing G. Since the G would produce the R, maybe it can't retreat; this could be not being together but you keep running into each other/ still have feelings for one another. The retreating R links to another R line, which the date bounds to; this is important. The P star is struck loose, it's not important. Red R links to Green retreating R, I doubt it's a lawsuit; but maybe a disagreement that goes away.

2nd hexagram
The bottom B kills G, but it's a black G; is she sleeping around? Not sure if black G applies if it's killed by B. Maybe she would cheat if you got back together, or manipulate you without actually cheating.

P turns into R, produces back. Green P could be a letter, green R could be a mail man; it's possible she writes you a letter. I'm not certain of this since it's not the question, just like wht G doesn't mean the girl gets sick if thats not what the question is about.

I can't be sure, maybe something will click here. I hope you had a proper mentality when doing the reading. I suspect, she may send you a note or something, there may be an arguement and after you'll both get over it and go your separate ways. I doubt the grn R means husband here.
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