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Sleeping Position and Magnets Empty Sleeping Position and Magnets

Thu 29 Jun 2017, 23:00
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I've been using the neodymium rings for a couple of weeks now and I'm wondering..

Q. Do have to lay on my back or anything while sleeping? I cannot sleep on my back due to severe complex sleep apnea.

Q. Is it OK to lay in any position as long as the rings are not close to one another?

Q. Also, I must use a CPAP machine and in order to lay on my stomach I must place my head on my hands.. is it OK to have the strong magnets close to my head like that?

Thanks in Advance

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I think I remember Alex saying you must sleep on your back with your hands apart from one another. Maybe someone else can clarify?

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Yes true, ALEX did say that but fact is you cannot stay
all night on your back, your body needs to find the right
position so you toss and turn all the time during the night..
But it wont effect the rings ability to do their thing.

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They don't work unless you do it how Alex says. Lay on your back.
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