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Just bet and win Empty Just bet and win

on Wed 28 Jun 2017, 15:04
Here is something interesting i found on the net.

Last time my friend asked me about his money from the Euro soccer games on that day by 3 coins, and we had the Hexagrams as following:

Date: Yin Wood Snake day; Month: Yang Fire Horse (June 13, 2012)

Year: cn, Month: w, Day: e-II, Empty: y & m

      Duay - 58         Little Storage - 9

      P wa  X  J        G m   -       blk
      B yo  -           R e   -       wht
      K h   O           P wa - -      gry
      P c   X  U        P cn  -       yel
      G m   -           G y   -       red
      R e   -           K t   -       grn

      6 Strike         

Like I have said last time, changing line 4, 6 forming a Wood Triads (G m combo), Wood is in a non-existing stage, not until Sunday the day of the Rooster (yo) that will come and impact the Rabbit Wood into existing stage then the money will come true, not a dream any more.

This morning at 9:48 AM I called my friend to ask him if he will bet on soccer today. He told me he was not planned to play today. I reminded him of that 3 coins oracle that he consulted last Wednesday and told him that “I told you that you cannot take that money till Sunday, and today is Sunday your lucky day. Go ahead and make your bet today however you like and you will win”.

He tried to ask for my thought through my reading, I told him that: “At this time I have not done it yet, but since you ask I will do the same thing like last time so just hold on”. After that I told him: “Since you ask me a specific question ‘will Germany win over Denmark and the total score’, so here is my prediction: Germany will win over Denmark, and the total score of 3 goals from both team that is over 2 1/4. This is based on the Inner Trigram Li ☲ (3) is changing from Hexagram 63 is "Already Fording” at the time you ask. The winner of the group will be the winner of today’s game. Sorry I cannot figure out the Portugal vs. Netherlands game at this time, but if straight from my mind I would say Portugal will win. I will call you back when I have the answer, but please keep in mind today is your lucky day – your money day; do not pay attention to what I say, just do what you feel like and you will win. Today is your money day, just bet and win”.

At the end of the game I called him to ask him what he had bet, and I found out that he had bet Portugal over 2 ¼ and Germany over 2 ¼. He actually had won all 4 bets.

From the Hexagram above we see that the External Ox the Parent is ME and it is changing to come and to impact him the Goat to win. (Parent - the information, I called to give him the information).

To close my point, if everything in a normal person’s life is not PREDESTINED, how could I called my friend early in the morning out of the blue and told him straight up that he will win if he would play today!? Would I dared or be crazy enough to call him and told him for sure that he would win??? I do not think I have the courage to do so.

After I dropped my daughter off this morning, a friend that I have not seen for the past 2 months asked me if I had any coffee yet and offered me a cup of coffee. After that he reminded me of what I had done for him during the World Cup for some extra money and asked me for the winner and score of today’s soccer game so he can bet. I told him that Germany will win but I do not know the score and the betting odds yet.

Finally I told him tomorrow is the day usually I do not do reading because it is not a good day for me. Almost everything may be wrong. Maybe he should do the oracle today so hopefully we can try to avoid that tomorrow. On any Yin Wood day, I rarely do important reading, unless it is a dead or alive situation like someone goes to the emergency room and the family members need to know right way, then I would make some exception. Anything else should wait till the next day!

Since I told him that I will not do the reading tomorrow, so this afternoon he did his oracle at 5:01 PM, but I was busy taking my daughter to my parent in law’s house, but finally I did the reading for him.

His question: “If I bet Spain and under would I win”?

Year: cn, Month: w, Day: y-I, Empty: t & c

      Rich - 55         Everlasting - 32

      R sh - -          R sh - -      blk
      P s  - - J        P s  - -      wht
      G w   -           G w   -       gry
      B h   -           P yo  -       yel
      R c   X  U        B h   -       red
      K m   O           R c  - -      grn

(This question is based on Spain give France ½ a goal and over/under 2 goals, which means that if Spain make 1 goal he win full amount but if the total score is 2 then that is a draw).

My Prediction: “You should win because you have the same main Hexagram as the one of this morning. Your Money Fire is very strong in the summer, also support by the day of the Wood. However, the only thing different is that your profit is not as big as the one this morning, since Offspring Wood changing and bury under the Earth of the Ox. Don’t you think how unique that is with the same Hexagram but different profit? But what is the reason for that?

He said: “That make sense, since to get a ½ goal deal from Spain they only pay 80% per 100”.
Suddenly he asked to put me on hold, and when he came back he told me that he just bet Spain for $1000 and for under $1000. I told him that is good and he does not need to play big, since tomorrow is the bad luck day for me. He should be careful for I can make some wrong prediction for tomorrow.
He asked me, “This reading is almost the same as this morning, right? So then like this morning you said I will win big and I did”. He then asked to put me on hold again. When he came back he told me he had just added to make it $4,000 Spain and $4,000 over instead of $1,000 each.

Regretfully I felt for me to tell him that he got the same Hexagram like this morning to trigger his greed. I told him he should not do that. I wanted to tell him that, what if the SPIRITS of the I Ching wanted to repeat what he had won today, to play trick on me, since they knew tomorrow is my bad day and today they try to use that to mislead me because of my long day that tired me. However, I guessed he would not understand what it is about and did not want to scare him so I kept it to myself and wrapped it up by wishing him the best of luck. Now it is all up to his Good Karma not mine on this one!

The next day I promised to myself that I will keep my mouth shut if today nothing is going wrong!

Well, how funny it was that he called me at around 9:00 AM just to ask one more time if Spain would win. I knew what is about to come. Why does he have to do this since it was already done? His 3 coins oracle as following:

Year: cn, Month: w, Day: m-II, Empty: t & c

      Abide - 17        Arrive - 19

      G wa - - U        R yo - -      blk
      R yo  O           P h  - -      wht
 K w  P h   O           G c  - -      gry
      G cn - - J        G c  - -      yel
      B y   X           B m   -       red
      P t   -           K e   -       grn


I looked at the Money Sign on External and SELF are very strong but the Money Destroyer is also moving/changing and very strong on the Yin Wood day (heavenly stems).  That means he should lose money easily! I told him to come and meet me at the usual coffee shop. When he came, I took the Hexagram out to show him and told him that:

- Hexagram 17 is named 隨 (suí), "Following" and Hexagram 19 is named 臨 (lín), "Nearing", head, first… So just pay attention and follow the first oracle, what you already did, keep that! Also, you see, when I am about to talk, someone call you and you tell them that everything is OK, since you already sent that to him. That is why you need to keep it! I cannot tell you anything else, since I already told you that today is my bad day, and everything I said could work against you. On the other hand, this month is the LUCKY KARMA month you should not worry about it that much.

After that he began to feel skeptical and worry. I told him that if he does not feel good then he would have two options to do: 1) keep what he already did; 2) Bet less. He decided to bet $1,000 Spain and under. We talked and analyzed about the two teams for around 30 minutes and he left.

At around 11:30 AM he called me and told me that he had another oracle with the question: “Would he win money if he bet over 2 goals? The Sibling/Money Destroyer as SELF, I told him, “No, you will not make money”. Then 45 minutes later he called me back and said that he wanted to ask if he bet on France to win, would he make money? With the new oracle still the Sibling/Money Destroyer as SELF, I told him, “No, you will definitely lose”. At 1:15 he called me again, and wanted to know that he already bet OVER, would he win? Still the Sibling/Money Destroyer as SELF, I told him, “No, you will not make any money”.

He began to get furious and asked me: “Over no win, under no win, and France definitely lose, what do you think the scenario would be”? I told him:

- There are two scenarios: 1) They may tie 1-1, and Spain will win during overtime; 2) Spain scores 2-0. Either scenario the total goals equal to 2.

He told me, “Well since we know that Spain will win, I bet on Spain and over, now according to the analysis I will bet $500 for 2 goals”.

At the end of the game he called me and said: “Man, the oracles were so amazingly correct. From that we can tell the total score would be 2 goals. If I listened to you keep everything the way it was, then I should have win more, but too bad that I asked another one to make a mess out of nothing, so now I only win $1,000 on Spain and $500 for 2 goals, and draw on OVER, subtract $250 commission. It is a very good experience for me. I will never ask the same question twice again”.

I tried to comfort him by saying that: “In this betting game, if we don’t lose that mean we already win, but you did win some even not like you should, since the SPIRITS of I Ching want to play with me what can you do? However, I knew that yesterday and we did try to bypass that and you won, right. Otherwise, if we wait till today then you would lose for sure. Keep in mind that just take enough whatever given to us, if we want more, we would end up getting less.

What happen today in real life is much more important to me. My friend called me at 9:30 AM this morning again and gave me his 3 coins oracle as following:

Bet on Italy will win or not? Day: Yang Fire Dragon, Month: Yang Fire Horse

Year: cn, Month: w, Day: cn-III, Empty: t & c

      Humble - 15       Quen - 2

      B yo - -          B yo - -      grn
      K h  - - J        K h  - -      blk
      P c  - -          P c  - -      wht
      B s   O           G m  - -      gry
 G m  R w  - - U        R e  - -      yel
      P cn - -          P wa - -      red

                        6 Strike

My answer: “No, you will not win! Money Destroyer changing to Money that means no money”.

Bet Under win or not? (Based on UNDER/OVER 2 goals)

Year: cn, Month: w, Day: cn-III, Empty: t & c

      Everlasting - 32

      G sh - - U     grn
      R s  - -       blk
      K w   -        wht
      R yo  -  J     gry
 B y  P h   -        yel
      G c  - -       red

My answer: Yes, you will win. Money is resting at the External line and moving but hidden because today is the day of the Dragon come and impact the Dog line and Blue Dragon moving means you will be happy because the money will come look for you.

He asked me should he bet on England because since the beginning he thought that England would win. I told him why not ask if England would win and call me back to be on a safe side. He called me back in about 30 minutes with the Hexagram 36 is named 明夷 (míng yí), “Darkening of the Light”, lack of sleep, disaster, hurting, accidental… Disaster Ox (Voiding Period) also [SELF] resting on line 4, I told him to not worry about it. That Hexagram is for me, it is not for him since I asked him to consult the oracle. He should wait about 1 more hour to redo another one.

While I was waiting for him, my other friend came and brought me a cup of coffee and said: “Thanks, Master”. I asked him why he has to tease me like that since we are friend, and he told me: “No, I called you that out of respect because you are amazing to me since the past two times you could tell me what to bet in details”. I told him I will come back to tell him what to bet later. (I did not know what he does, but today more guys came to ask me for OVER/UNDER score and which team to bet).

Before I finished all my thoughts my friend call me back with the Hexagram as the following:

If I bet on England, would I win or not?

Year: cn, Month: w, Day: cn-III, Empty: t & c

      Quen - 2          Difficulty - 39

      K yo - - J        G t  - -      grn
      G h   X           B sh  -       blk
      B c  - -          K s  - -      wht
      R m   X  U        K s   -       gry
      P e  - -          P w  - -      yel
      B wa - -          B cn - -      red

      6 Strike         

My answer:” No, you will not win! Money Pig Water changing to Earth dry the Water up, and also today is the Dragon Earth day, where water is cover under the earth, no money to win.

He told me: “OK, I will bet UNDER only, since that is what you told me I would win. I have learned my lesson from last time, so that is what I am going to do today”.

I told him that: “Today you should bet UNDER and bet on ZERO-ZERO! The reason for that is because from the oracles we knew that England and Italy cannot win then the score must be 0-0. It cannot be 1-1 because if it is, then how can you win UNDER since UNDER/OVER is 2 goals? Believe me and don’t miss out on that! I will not tell you to do that if I am not sure”.

After I was finished talking to him, I went outside and waved at my other friend. He told the people in his table he must go to make some money. I took him aside and told him to bet UNDER for one. I asked him what will be paid if he bet 0-0 and win. He told me it paid 5-1. I told him that is his second bet! He told me today he will bet bigger. After that some other acquaintances came to ask me for the winning team and the score but I did not know how they knew that.

Especially, there was one guy that I gave 2 winning teams during the World Cup, saw me sitting there doing my own reading he came to ask me what was my pick. He showed me the receipt that he had picked Italy and OVER of ¾ goal in the first half. I told him go cancel it and to bet UNDER and 0-0. He said he only bet on the winning team and UNDER/OVER only. He did change his bet to UNDER.

After the 90 minutes game, my friend (the guy who consult the oracle) called me and want to know about the overtime, though there were no more bet allowed. I told him, it should go to penalty and Italy would win. When the game ended, he called me back and said:

- Man, you were amazing. You talked about the game exactly as it was happening, like you already watched it. How dared you tell me to bet on 0-0 and the people at the coffee shop too? How did you know that? That is unbelievable and you should be famous for that.

I laughed at him, and teased him with a question:

- Do you think I am good?

- Yeah, man, you are amazing. He answered.

I frankly explained it to him:

- No, that is not true. It’s just pure luck!!! It is all because your oracles were so amazingly clear, that is why I could pin point everything out. To me, knowing one thing will know a thousand things if they are related, so one reading is like a thousand readings. I got 10 Hexagrams in the World Cup and you gave me about another 10 that is like 20 thousand readings to me. Now I have a lot of experiences. However, the truth is because of yours and my LUCKY KARMA month, that’s why we can make it together. That is all! Do you think I can do that every single time? I don’t think so!

When I took my mom to the temple, he was texting to let me know he made $5,000 today. When I texted him back to congratulate him, at that moment, I ran on the curb side and busted my left front tire. Few minutes later he called me and I told him about what was happening when I texted him. I asked him if he remembered the Hexagram that I told him to consult and said that is mine. Now, it came true. He wondered why he did the oracle but it was for me?

I told him: “It was because I told you to consult the oracle and you were just the MEDIUM. It is that simple but many people do not know that”.

Today is the worse day of my month.

Even I am on my vacation and my friends still chasing after me. A friend called me on Saturday morning and asked me to please do one last game. I told him to give it to me and whenever I have time I will do the reading for him. They are as following:

To bet on Spain given Italy ½ a goal will win in 90 minutes? (Day: Yang Water Dog, Month: Yang Fire Horse)

Year: cn, Month: w, Day: sh-IX, Empty: t & c

      Rot - 18        

      B y   -  U     wht
 K e  P t  - -       gry
      G sh - -       yel
      R yo  -  J     red
      P h   -        grn
      G c  - -       blk


I wrote down: Money is yielding SELF, WIN.

To bet OVER will win in 90 minutes?

Year: cn, Month: w, Day: sh-IX, Empty: t & c

      Rise - 46         Wonderful - 11

      R yo - -          R yo - -      wht
      P h  - -          P h  - -      gry
 K w  G c  - - J        G c  - -      yel
      R yo  -           G cn  -       red
 B y  P h   -           B y   -       grn
      G c   X  U        P t   -       blk

                        6 Match

My answer: “Money line is on SELF and EXTERNAL are both in a state of Void but the Dog day is Earth and during summer it is strong, especially the bonding Hex is a Hex to bet on what the question based on the experience from the Hexagram we had two days before of the Bonding Hexagram. However, to be sure you should do one more by asking if you would win to bet UNDER in 90 minutes”.

He came back a Hexagram as following:

Year: cn, Month: w, Day: sh-IX, Empty: t & c

      Break - 41      

      R y   -  U     wht
      G t  - -       gry
      B sh - -       yel
 K s  B c  - - J     red
      R m   -        grn
      P e   -        blk

My answer: “No money because Money Destroyer is resting on SELF line”.

This was the third Hexagrams for UNDER/OVER that SELF line is in the state of Void and I could not figure out the reason. I asked him to ask if he would win to bet on Italy with ½ is given. He came back with an oracle, but at that time I did not write out the Hexagram because I was too tire, I told him I have to call him back later or maybe tomorrow. After I hung up, my other friend called me and told me he want to bet on Italy. I based on the 3 Hexagrams above which I already do the reading and told him to bet on Spain would win in 90 minutes and bet OVER.

At 7:30 AM I try to do the reading from last night Hexagrams as following:

To bet on Italy with a given ½ goal will win in 90 minutes?

Year: cn, Month: w, Day: h-X, Empty: t & c

      Stop - 12         Revolution - 49

      P sh  O  U        P wa - -      wht
      B s   -           B yo  -       gry
      R w   -           K h   -       yel
      G m   X  J        K h   -       red
      R e  - -          P c  - -      grn
 K t  P wa  X           G m   -       blk

      6 Match          

My Prediction: “Money Wood Triads (G m combo) is formed, should bet on Italy then”.

He had been calling me from yesterday and today at least 4 times for the final answer, so I called him back and tell them to bet on ITALY instead of SPAIN for $3,000 because of the Triads; $1,000 draw, and whatever he wanted on OVER since that is for sure. I also have to call my other friend back to tell him that he should change it to Italy, OVER, and draw 1-1.

Result:  Spain 4-0 Italy

If that was not terrible enough, there was a friend of mine that I had accepted the challenge from the World Cup, called me out of the blue and wanted to ask me for the winning team. I asked him which one he would bet he told me he would bet on Spain $500. I told him to change it to Italy because Spain might win the Championship but not the 90 minutes; and he did. So there his $500 went down the drain!

After this incident, I made a PLEDGE to myself, I will not let or tell anyone repeat a question which already have answered and I will never, ever do another reading when I do not have FREE TIME, especially on my vacation. If I have to do one, that must be for my family only!!!

Learning all the time.

An obscure person would be very happy when he made a correct prediction; on the other hand we only care why it was right and does it right every single time? For some reason it is not right every single time, then why not?

Do we learn anything when our predictions are correct? Maybe a little bit. It has been proven to be right, so when we are right that is normal. There is not much that we can learn from it.

Do we learn anything when our predictions are wrong? Oh yes! We can learn many, many things from our mistakes. People do not learn much from what they do right, but learn a lot from what they do wrong! Do not be afraid to be wrong. We should be happy when we are wrong because there is still something for us to learn!

To me the most painful thing to study I Ching is when we are right in a wrong way but we do not know why we are right, and the same thing happens next time and we are wrong but do not know why we are wrong! That is a very painful way to study I Ching.

“The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain.”
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