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Most Ironic Accidents in the World Empty Most Ironic Accidents in the World

Sat 01 Jul 2017, 09:05
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Most Ironic Accidents in the World

Most Ironic Accidents in the World U
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15/12/12 16:16

Death is a part of life that cannot be ignored no matter how hard we try. It is something that cannot be predicted, nor altered, and nor can it be delayed. Death happens when it has to happen and there is nothing in this world that can postpone it. However, many a times we have heard of people dying in rather unusual ways. The most unusual will obviously be the most ironic deaths. History has seen royals, big shots, celebrities, the rich and the famous, and the most ordinary people die in the most ironic ways that boggles the mind.  Do not worry if you feel that some of these sound a bit hilarious and no that does not mean that you have a morbid sense of humor. Death is no laughing matter surely but some of these incidents might seem to amuse you.


Some people like to get thrills and fame out of the silliest of adventures. Such was the intention of Mr Bobby leach when, in 1911, he decided to go over the Niagara falls while inside a huge barrel. The experience, very dare devilish, was not fatal although he did end up with two broken knee caps and a cracked jaw. That was the beginning after which he also signed tours all over the world. The biggest irony of his death being the fact that he was on a tour, slipped over an orange peel (might have been a banana peel but history is a little confused on this one point) and took a 4-6 feet fall which broke his leg. The leg got infected with gangrene and had to be amputated. The after effects of the amputation killed him, the 180 feet falls didn’t.


Clement Vallandigham was a very well-known and an extremely dedicated lawyer. in 1871, while defending one of clients he requested the jury that the man should be cleared of all charges because the deceased had killed himself by accidentally firing a shot in his own body. The justification seemed very far-fetched and thus the dedicated lawyer decided to show the jury exactly how it would have happened. The irony being that he actually ended up shooting himself during the demonstration and the resultant injuries took his life.


You know how there exist people who are great supporters of the green regime. That one should live, drive, drink, eat green. Our very own Leonardo DiCaprio is a huge fan of organic living. Jerome Rodale is known as the father of organic food and he was known to be a great advocate of the life extending benefits of making organic food a part of your regular life. After giving an interview at the age of 72, in which the naturalist informed the reporter that he is as healthy as a horse and can live to be a hundred, he died of a heart attack.


He was a major-general in the army and a person of great respect. When he was near his death, he had already fought in a lot of famous battles and had played key unforgettable roles. So at one of the many battles, more specifically the Battle of Spotsylavania Court house. He was arranging his men and their artillery in front line position and the enemy was like 1000 yards away. None the less his men were afraid to stand out in the and kept running around trying to dodge the on coming attack. the general thought that was absurd and told them that the enemy couldn’t even hit an elephant from this distance. He however got shot right beneath the left eye and was killed on spot.


In 1988 Mel was tried and then found guilty in the murder of a woman. The woman by the name of Brenda was shown being murdered in a video while the man was unrecognized. Mel was later caught as the man on the tape because his moles matched the description. He had tied the poor woman onto a coffee table and had kept on beating her until she lay lifeless on the glass table top.
He however only got to serve ten years in prison rather than having a whole life sentence. Later in the years however, he fell down in his own apartment and hit a glass coffee table which injured him so badly that he died on the spot due to a lot of bleeding.


In 1989, Micheal earned himself the execution through an electric chair because of the charges against him. He somehow convinced the jury that he was not all that bad and that he did not deserve the electric chair. Amazingly enough the jury agreed and he was sentenced to a lifetime in prison. God probably decided the American justice system was perhaps acting up and thus decided to pull the plug himself. Poor Micheal was sitting on his metal toilet while fixing his TV and bit a live wire. Using the metal toilet as a conductor, the live wire led to his eventual execution.


She was a member of the Green part and was set to be in the US Senate as a member on behalf of the party itself. She was evidently nature friendly and rode her bike whenever she could. She also wanted to be a tri-athlete and thus trained very hard. The irony of her death is that she got hit by an SUV while on her bike one day and to top it all the SUV driver thought she was a dear and he kept on driving dragging her along. The bike was later found stuck to the under part of the SUV. Her half-brother and father saw her but survived the ordeal.


Life Baby used the picture of George Story when he was born. The picture was used as the cover photo with the title “Life Begins”. That was the first issue of the magazine. The magazine kept publishing story from his life from his birth onwards. When the magazine officially announced the date of the publication of their last issue, Story died of a heart attack. His image was then used as the cover of the magazines last issue with the title “life ends”. What a bitter-sweet irony.


Thomas was the inventor of leaded petrol and chlorofluorocarbons (CFC). It does not come as a surprise that his inventions have caused millions of deaths in history and has cost the world many lives. Later in life his got polio and was bed-ridden. Being such an inventor, he formulated a structure of ropes and pulleys that helped him move around. The irony is that his death was caused by getting strangled in those ropes. God works in mysterious ways.


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The first spot on this list goes to Steve Irwin and no one else. He was seen by many on various channels for his adventurous programs which showed how much he truly was a naturalist. The greatest irony of all times is perhaps that fact that this beloved Australian dare-devil was killed on one of his regular adventures through nature. Nature and life, they are unforgiving apparently!


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The toilet death was hilarious. What a shitty way to die..
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