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GBP/USD trend Empty GBP/USD trend

Sun 18 Aug 2019, 21:01
Sunday, 18 August 2019, 20:38 (GMT+2)
Time in Pretoria, South Africa

Monday, 19 August 2019, 00:38 (GMT+Cool
Time in Beijing, China

When will the lowest price point be for GBP/USD today

Year: h, Month: s, Day: h-IV, Empty: w & wa

      Strip - 23        Advance - 35

      G y   -       R e -   grn
 B s  K t - - J        P wa - - blk
      P sh  X       B yo -   wht
      G m  - -         G m - - gry
      R e  - - U        R e - - yel
      P wa - -          P wa - - red


The money star G y is bound by the year h and the day h. Month s will break the bondage by striking G y. The self line K t produces the G y but is bound by empty date w. 

It looks like the low point will be at hour s which is 15:00-17:00

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