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Emptiness Empty Emptiness

on Wed 28 Jun 2017, 15:14
By Hao Jiang

A man asks when his wife will recover from her illness
Month: w, Day: c-X, Empty: y & m

      Combine - 45      Compare - 8

      P wa - -          K t  - -
      B yo  -  U        P sh  -  
      K h   O           B s  - -
      G m  - -          G m  - -
      R e  - - J        R e  - -
      P wa - -          P wa - -


G m is the appointed. The 4th line helper star K h moves and truns into Bs that produces back. Right now G m is empty.  When it's no longer empty, the wife will recover.

The wife recoverd the next day y I.

But why didn't recover on day m II, instead? To understand this, we need to understand what causes emptiness.

The ancient Chinese use 10 day "weeks" called Xun. I think in Tang dynasty government employees got 1 day off for every 10 day week. A Xun starts on a celestral stem I day and ends on a celcstral stem X day. However, there are 12 earthly branches that goes with stems, so 2 branches wouldn't appears in a Xun. These 2 branches are called empty or void branches. When a week is over and a new week starts,  these 2 branches will appear in the new week and therefore no longer empty.

So in the week containing the day with stem-branch pair c X, y and m branches do not appear and therefore empty. A soon as the week is over, both y and m come out of emptiness. That's why on  y-I day,  G m  came out of emptiness too.

Why is emptiness so important in I Ching timing? When a line is empty,  you can think as if it "went on a vacation ". it wont do it's job until it comes  to work from the vacation.  So if the enemy star is empty. it won't attack until it's not empty. If the helper star is empty, it won't produce until it's not empty. If the appointed star is empty, the enemy star can't attack it until it's not empty, and the helper star can't produce it until it's not empty.
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