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The Wanderer and his Shadow Empty The Wanderer and his Shadow

on Wed 28 Jun 2017, 15:15
I-Ching: Resolving Intense Synchronicity In An Acausal Universe

What is synchronicity in the context of an acausal universe and how can it be resolved or its meaningfulness established? The psychologist Carl Jung defines synchronicity within the causal universe as a meaningful coincidence of events that are connected so inconceivably, as to be outside the realm of probability, without constraints in space (distance apart) and time (simultaneous or years apart), yet the connection palpably asserts itself. Without a causal connection and being outside the realm of probability, the acausality suggests an “a priori, causally inexplicable knowledge of a situation” or “magical happening”. The acausal connection arises from the observer’s unconscious to consciousness and “anticipates the external physical process”. To Jung, a synchronicity represents a “minor miracle” in a sea of causality, although to a Taoist (as the song goes), “a hundred million miracles are happening every day”.
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