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An Old I-Chinger Returns Empty An Old I-Chinger Returns

on Wed 28 Jun 2017, 16:47

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09/06/13 17:08
Hey There Alex and Fellow Super I-Ching Readers,

This is Kenton, I was once of apart of the group years and years ago.   Back in 2000, I have returned to the Super I-Ching site after learning a thing or two of the Super I-Ching lesson.   Alex was right when you actually sit down and take everything in, one step at a time???  You begin to understand it better.    So that's what I did.   Now I this would be an interesting (yet maybe fictional) kind of reading.    We shall see.

Year: e, Month: w, Day: w-III, Empty: y & m

      Extreme - 43      Chen - 1

      B wa  X           B sh  -       grn
      K yo  -  J        K s   -       blk
      G h   -           P w   -       wht
      B cn  -           B cn  -       gry
 P e  R y   -  U        R y   -       yel
      G t   -           G t   -       red

                        6 Strike

I asked if I shall find a partner before my birthday.   Now my B-day is on July 31st of this year.  If you want to reach that far into the future as vital information, LOL.   Concentrating on the self line and the self line only for the moment.   It looks bleak.   As the self line is indeed weak.   Yet, I am under the impression this might not be so??   PLEASE Correct me if I am indeed wrong.   We have a STRONG helper star on the move.   The "G e" star is producing the line "R sh" which is connected to the self line.   Yet the question is the "6 Strike" which I don't think in this issue really matters as it's on the changing hexagram.   Now back to the connector and helper star.   In my point of view it looks good??   But I could be wrong and would own being wrong if this is the case.   

It feels good to be practicing yet again.   Input MORE input!!  hehehehe

Many thank yous in advance



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10/06/13 01:51
it seems good result after many troubles
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