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What is the best financial use of the I Ching? Empty What is the best financial use of the I Ching?

on Thu 29 Jun 2017, 20:50
What is the best financial use of the I Ching? Off_lineBen

What is the best financial use of the I Ching?

What is the best financial use of the I Ching? Combatmartialarts
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27/01/16 09:23
I think the stock market is great, but it's best for verifying a selection that already shows promise in technical analysis and is generally a strong company. I would use Dan Zanger's CANSLIM+Charts method to find the stocks and verify with I Ching.

But, you can only toss the coins once a day on stocks if you want to be accurate. If it says it's dangerous, wait a day to ask about another stock (This is based on Alex's statements, which I agree with in general; occasional exceptions may be okay as all 5 of my powerball readings were correct even though I simply did them 5 min apart, covering the results and reading them all after. It was simply correct on ruling out numbers.)

Lottery would only work for a team of prophets, as 30-100 readings (depending on the game) would not work within 3-7 days for one person. Reading other people's tosses is slightly less accurate than reading your own. I once tried 65 readings in a day, I felt drained and only some of the predictions were correct (3 numbers in 6, some of the readings were way off looking at it after the fact.) The inaccuracy was due to too many readings. Maybe having random people might work if they sincerely think about the question with a clear head and you control the environment (no distractions or mis-tosses), but people that don't do I Ching often have trouble understanding my simple directions on tossing the coins.

Sports betting may work. It should have only 2 choices, so horse racing would generally not be ideal (maybe if you are an expert on a horse in the race, but in general it's not ideal). Single competitors might be better than teams (Tennis, Boxing; I don't know of any Chess sports betting, too bad since I predicted Carlsen would beat Anand with no losses when he won the championship initially.)

One exception on Horseracing, if you have a dream predicting a winning horse; verifying it with I Ching is a good idea. Same with lottery, at least 3 major XX million dollar prizes were won by people who dreamed  the numbers.

I had luck with Chi Chi sticks asking if I will make money if I go to xyz casino "right now" to count cards at blackjack, only losing when I didn't use this to pick the casino. I've had similar luck with super- I Ching method of I Ching, but I only have 1 casino and they don't have single deck full pay blackjack (or even double deck) so my choices are limited and I was only making a little.

Usually, I Ching says my business ideas won't make money. It's been right when it looked fine but I Ching said NO, the rare occasions where business lost money for me.

I Ching reading for hire has potential, maybe $20 for 3 questions. Getting business and having people toss the coins is the challenge. Shocking how many people don't know how to think of a question and drop coins on a flat surface, even when told.

These are just some thoughts, what have you found to be the most profitable form of subject to use I Ching for?


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What is the best financial use of the I Ching? Off_lineXiao Hu What is the best financial use of the I Ching? 51x5vr  #1 [-]
What is the best financial use of the I Ching? U
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28/01/16 13:07
I personally know only 2 ppl who use I-C for sport betting and it works for them. one ask money type of Q about games, the other ask who will win type of Q. 

anyways, here's something nice i found in another forum.

my friend call me back with the Hexagram as the following:

If I bet on England, would I win or not?

Hexagram 2 坤 (kūn)-------------------- Hexagram 39 蹇 (jiǎn)

- - Offspring Chicken Metal (SELF)
- - Money Pig Water X ---------------------- Money Destroyer Dog Earth
- - Sibling/Money Destroyer
- - Official/Disaster Cat/Rabbit Wood (EXTERNAL) X ----- Offspring Monkey Metal
- - Parent Mouse Water
- - Sibling/Money Destroyer Goat Earth

My answer:” No, you will not win! Money Pig Water changing to Earth dry the Water up, and also today is the Dragon Earth day, where water is cover under the earth, no money to win.

He told me: “OK, I will bet UNDER only, since that is what you told me I would win. I have learned my lesson from last time, so that is what I am going to do today”.

I told him that: “Today you should bet UNDER and bet on ZERO-ZERO! The reason for that is because from the oracles we knew that England and Italy cannot win then the score must be 0-0. It cannot be 1-1 because if it is, then how can you win UNDER since UNDER/OVER is 2 goals? Believe me and don’t miss out on that! I will not tell you to do that if I am not sure”.

After I was finished talking to him, I went outside and waved at my other friend. He told the people in his table he must go to make some money. I took him aside and told him to bet UNDER for one. I asked him what will be paid if he bet 0-0 and win. He told me it paid 5-1. I told him that is his second bet! He told me today he will bet bigger. After that some other acquaintances came to ask me for the winning team and the score but I did not know how they knew that.

Especially, there was one guy that I gave 2 winning teams during the World Cup, saw me sitting there doing my own reading he came to ask me what was my pick. He showed me the receipt that he had picked Italy and OVER of ¾ goal in the first half. I told him go cancel it and to bet UNDER and 0-0. He said he only bet on the winning team and UNDER/OVER only. He did change his bet to UNDER.

After the 90 minutes game, my friend (the guy who consult the oracle) called me and want to know about the overtime, though there were no more bet allowed. I told him, it should go to penalty and Italy would win. When the game ended, he called me back and said:

- Man, you were amazing. You talked about the game exactly as it was happening, like you already watched it. How dared you tell me to bet on 0-0 and the people at the coffee shop too? How did you know that? That is unbelievable and you should be famous for that.

I laughed at him, and teased him with a question:

- Do you think I am good?

- Yeah, man, you are amazing. He answered.

I frankly explained it to him:

- No, that is not true. It’s just pure luck!!! It is all because your oracles were so amazingly clear, that is why I could pin point everything out. To me, knowing one thing will know a thousand things if they are related, so one reading is like a thousand readings. I got 10 Hexagrams in the World Cup and you gave me about another 10 that is like 20 thousand readings to me. Now I have a lot of experiences. However, the truth is because of yours and my LUCKY KARMA month, that’s why we can make it together. That is all! Do you think I can do that every single time? I don’t think so!  
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