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Safe areas for pole shift

on Sat 01 Jul 2017, 09:29

Safe areas for pole shift


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08/09/16 05:36
Some board readers may be aware of the numerous predictions regarding future sea levels.

This website, in particular, has outlined what regeions are more greatly exposed to catastrophe when the poles abruptly shift.

The following video is available, too.
U.S. of A. safe locations overview - All 50 States.

Zetatalk itself is a website of channellings from zeta reticulans (greys), so take with your usual salt.
As mentioned in opening, however, this is not the only source that has predicted massive sea level changes.

But when and how quickly will it occur?  I dunno.


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Artemis.lavalounge #1 [-]

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08/09/16 09:03
I don't believe in global warming.


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alexbot #2 [-]

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08/09/16 10:56
About year 2020 California will be devasted by earthquakes, Japan will sink and south Italy too. Same time economy and politics in USA and Europe will be awful and muslims will rule, expecially in Europe.


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Ninox #3 [-]

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11/11/16 01:51
Great video.
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